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Wedding, being the once in a lifetime event is considered to the most auspicious event of the life and this is the reason why it is remembered fondly by everyone who has attended it. Simply by taking photographs no one can get satiated. To preserve the memories in a better way, to share them and to relive those memories, videography is the best option. A videography covers and captures the all moments in the wedding ceremony, the reception and the tender moments of affection and sentiment between the bride and the groom and the families in an unobtrusive manner for posterity. We guys doing videography in gurgaon are aware of this fact that now days almost every wedding couple have videography budget mentioned particularly. We understand that in the changing times videography has become the priority but sad part of this is that amidst of this many people tend to forget and understand about the needs of a videographer. My videographers are very friendly and understand that how important this part is for the couple-to-be.

There are many options available in terms of videography which can be added in a wedding package. For example is that most of the brides wish to include a photo montage set with some music and pictures from both the bride and groom's childhood leading up to the present time together. This can be a fun video to show during the reception. This sets a very emotional scene for the parents of both the bride and the groom as they see their kids grow up in a two or three minute clip. Another example is the basic video shot clip of both the bride and the groom getting dressed up for their big day. What our videographers do is that they give this clip a more intimate expression by adding the bride's mother with the bride and groom's father with the groom. My videographers covering weddings in Gurgaon are always aware of making the video more and more tasteful by making it as per the requirement of the client. Asking the clients what to edit, what to cut and what to add is the best way to impress the clients and we are quite clearly aware of this. We are always having an eye on any offensive clip that may ruin the mood of the viewers. We remember that the final copy is for viewing by the family, relatives and friends so it has to be kept clean and viewable in all circumstances.

Before going for any coverage my photographers and videographers have a descriptive conversation with the bride and the groom and take note of their requirements. This act ensures that the bride and the groom give their ideas on what exactly they want in their wedding video. The bride and the groom can give their ideas on the musical scores to be placed in the background of their video. Post filming, we conduct expert editing and highlight segments to make the wedding film interesting and entertaining. VHS and DVD are the two different types of videography available today. Most videographers will convert the videotape to DVD for a nominal amount. The DVD is longer lasting with better picture quality and image resolution.

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