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When should I book for infant photo shoot session?
The neonate applies to babies between 1 months old to 1 year old. So, you’ll book for kids photography anytime during the baby’s first year. However, we recommend our clients to book the session around following milestones:

• 3-4 months : At this point , your baby starts to precise itself by laughing aloud or giggling or simply smile watching you or their favorite toy or favorite song they hear! They even begin to undertake their hand at rolling or joining their hands and doing all types of cute innocent stuff.

• 6-7 months : this is often the time when your baby is in a position to take a seat with none assistance, becomes more responsive and starts to precise more. it’s so cute to ascertain how they struggle to clap along side you or dance in joy while sitting once they see or hear something they like. this is often the right and most precious time to capture of these shots as during this point your baby starts to point out their personality.

• 8-10 months : Now this point of baby’s first year opens the entire door of opportunity once they attempt to stand and obtain on the move. By this point , your little cutie pie becomes interested by everything around him and it’s a treat to observe them crawling, rolling to all or any the corners of your home.

• 11-12 months : And this is often the time you’ve got been expecting , when the baby is in a position to face on his feet and comes walking to you all by himself. this is often the most important milestone of the primary year when your cute minion takes his first steps. They toddle. They waddle. They fall. They explore!

• At 12 months we also offer first birthday photography and cake smash photography to celebrate your child’s birthday. For more information, see our First Birthday Photography packages in Gurgaon.