Becoming a Male Model

Certainly, the fashion industry is female dominated; however, nowadays there is a space for the male models as well. Undoubtedly, male models are in great demand and proving this is the launches of male wardrobe collections by prominent fashion designers and international clothing brands. Also, renowned companies are coming up with their clothing lines, thus, the demand for male models is incredibly increasing with each passing day. Therefore, if you’re an aspiring male model or planning to get yourself into full-time modeling, then certainly you must give it a try as the fashion industry has carved a niche for itself in the market. However, the question arises – what are the criteria to become an iconic male model?

Well, firstly, you must note down that your height must be between 5’11” to 6’2″, and you must not be heavier than 175 pounds. And you may not know, but the career of male models is more lasting than female models because male models do modeling till their 40’s. Apart from a perfect height and looks, toned body is something that everyone desires in a male model. Your sculpted body will certainly give you an edge over your contemporaries in the modeling world. It’s a myth that all the models are muscular with great biceps and 8 pack abs. But truthfully, muscular body isn’t required for modeling; however, the ripped body is certainly acceptable.

Now, if you’re an Indian model and located somewhere in Delhi and NCR region, and desperate to make big in the modeling world, then there are certain efforts that you ought to invest to achieve your desired target. And yes, we are sharing those tips with you ahead that will certainly get you a break in the highly enchanting modeling world.

If you think that you’re eligible to become a perfect male model, simply get in contact with any agency in Delhi and NCR region. And Delhi being a metropolitan city is home to myriad modeling agencies that further have contacts in Mumbai. But, what is required is that you get into an association with a reputed modeling agency. Once you’re there, they’ll get your portfolio done. You’ll be recommended for print ads, tv ads, live events, advertisement campaigns etc.

While approaching an agency, make sure that you’re only contacting an agency that hires male models. To be specific, there are agencies that only deal with female models or kid models. So you need to keep this thing in mind as well. On the contrary, you also ought to do some research in this regard to know – how agencies usually accept a model. At times, they ask you for a meeting or tell you to send some of your pictures. And you ought to remain prepared for everything as you don’t know when you will get your big break in the modeling industry.

So, just keep the tips in mind, and these will certainly help you in finding a perfect modeling agency like Dynamic Digital, an agency located in Gurgaon that give breaks to the aspiring male models. So if you want, you can probably contact Dynamic Digital.