Wedding photography can be the best and the most entertaining profession for the photography lovers but at the same time it can be the most challenging and stressful one. Especially while covering an Indian wedding it can be even more challenging. Since for the boy and the girl and their families in India wedding is not just another event of life. It is a celebration of beginning of new life, new relationship for two unknown persons. Not only this, the families, the guests and the entire fraternity present in the wedding event takes pride of their presence in the event. People in India take deep interest in their weddings and planning for the event right from day. And possibly this is the reason why wedding ceremonies of India be it from any state or any culture of country like Arya Samaj wedding , Sanatan Dharam weddings, Muslim Nikahs, Punjabi Wedding or South Indian weddings, it is unmatched from the entire world. Possibly this is the reason why wedding photography here in India becomes an even more challenging task to accomplish. To successfully cover an Indian wedding and to make his mark in this field of profession a photographer need not only to be a hardcore professional but he must also have a strong desire to succeed, a perfectionist attitude and also deep and thorough knowledge of photography.

Whether a professional photographer or someone doing wedding photography just as a favour to a friend or relative in India one must be equipped with certain tips and tricks to make sure that the entire event is passed out smoothly without giving any opening of any complaints to any of the guests present there. Generally a traditional or custom Indian wedding consists of numerous events but the main three are the ladies sangeet, the mehendi ceremony and lastly the big day itself, the wedding day. For a photographer covering an Indian wedding it’s very vital to get the inner feel of being the family member and must keep this thing very clear in his mind that here is the moment when he’ll have no undo action and you’ll be given just a chance or two to get the right shot. Once the photographer starts getting this feel he will first of all feel relaxed and secondly will be able to relate himself to the events. He will take pleasure while songs are sung in the sangeet night, he will laugh along with the relatives; even will also hop around with the kids. And in this atmosphere he will remain almost invisible as a photographer but will do his task with full fanaticism and even-handedness. And he will capture some of the most beautiful moment, some beautiful smiles and some most closely knit family love without taking anybody’s special attention. I guarantee the photographs your photographer will click, while in this frame of mind will be the most beautiful and artistic part of the entire event showcasing all the raw emotions in every single shot. For an Indian wedding photographer it’s very significant to capture the all events equally in which one very important event is the mehendi ceremony of the bride-to-be. A professional photographer should be aware of the fact that a minute difference in the angle or the distance of the camera from the shot can harm the beauty and the charm of the photographs clicked on the mehendi night. Hence the photographer should be accustomed of capturing photographs not only of the decorated forearm and feet but also the beauty and colour of the henna. Along with this he should also capture the emotions revealed by the various family members of the girl, the happiness and the naughtiness of the bride’s friends and the family throughout the night.

professional photographer always knows that the best way to get all the shots clicked is planning the shots and have a brief meeting with the couple-to-be. This planning always helps the photographer and the couple especially in an Indian wedding as they can pose themselves as per the plan designed and fixed with the photographer. This list is also helpful and why we say “especially in an Indian wedding” because the relatives and family photographs which are generally clicked after the varmala ritual and you will never allow yourself and your photographer to leave any of your relative. Maintaining a list for the events venues of an Indian wedding is also very important as this will allow the photographer to be at the right place at the right time and to click all the traditions of a contemporary Indian wedding ceremony without missing one. Many different religions consider different moments in the whole day as an important moment to be captured and a photographer need to be aware of these before the day.

A good professional photographer is also very aware of the fact that monitoring the wedding venue in advance will also help him a lot and this is a universal fact in this profession. This act helps the photographers about the positions to be taken for the shot and also the limitations for the shot taking. This step also helps the photographers in understanding that how much sun light they will get to get the right shots. In India some cultures like the Punjabis and the Sikhs have the tendency to get this event done in daytime. Here the sunlight comes very much into play. Other than this, a professional photographer always have a good back-up plan to tackle any reverse situation or unpreventable occurrence and especially in India where there is every possibility of things going wrong at any moment.

For a photographer working in India it’s very obvious to know that getting a little creativity in his shots will allow him to create more expressive and even more impressive shots and a wedding album. Covering a wedding in India is an art and requires lots of creativity and patience to capture the entire ceremony. This art can be even more expressive if blended with some modern hi-tech artistic approach to make the photographs look more stunning.

In the end it is very lucid that whether a professional photographer or a generous amateur wedding photographer, in India wedding photography requires a professional approach and lots of love and smile in their eyes to see and then capture the right moment lovingly. This is a onetime deal and very important that you are all geared up and charged up and organized and prepared and ready to tackle the tricky task of capturing an Indian wedding and with full success and win in their fists.